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Prof. Francisco Amador. EST 217

In Austin, Texas. Thanks COMEXUS, SEP and University of Texas.

Photo: Ph. D. Mary Lou Price and professor Francisco.

Secondary School: México

First Grade Second grade Third grade



Reforma 2006

Tiered Task

The story of my friend daniel

A day in class

The house of my dreams

My old friend Priscila

The ghost in the garden



Secondary School 217

First Grade Second Grade Third Grade

Didactic Material:

First Grade Second Grade Third Grade


Planning elements


1.-Stories from Oaxaca State Students: Reading comprehension in Oaxaca's cultural context.


2.-El Profe Mediocre: Reflexión crítica de la importancia del papel del docente. Cómo ser un profesor diferente, un profesor de alta calidad.

Virtual Books

3.-Playing Bingo: Bingos in full color. The funniest activity

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