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House and Home

Unit purpose: The purpose of this unit is to enable students to describe their homes and learn about other people's homes.

4.1. Describing accommodation

Sample productions: There's an apartment / house for rent / sale in my building / block /...; There are three rooms / two bathrooms /... (there / in my apartment); There's a large / beautiful studio / living room /... and a small bathroom / kitchen /... (in his / her house); My bedroom is larger / nicer than my sister's / the studio; The bedroom / dining room / ... is opposite / next to /... the entrance / dining room /...; Are there any closets / bookcases /...?; Yes, there are; No, there aren't (any) (,but there's a chest of drawers); What's your room / house ... like?; It's a small room / a large apartment /...; There's a lamp beside the bed and a computer on my desk; There are two bedrooms on the second floor / next to the bathroom / ...; How many posters / pictures /... are there / do you have?; (There are / I have) Two / four /...; Where's the bathroom?; It's at the end of the hall / next to the kitchen.



Las maquetas de casa se ocupan para:

1.-Describir lugares con "there is - there are"

2.-Describir lo que no hay con "there isn't - there aren't"

3.-prácticar preposiciones de lugar "next to, in front of, in , on"

Actividad elaborada por el Profr. Pablo Martinez de la EST 9 de Miahuatlán, Oaxaca.

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