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Past Times

Unit purpose: The purpose og this unit is to enable students to describe past events in their life and that of others.

5.1. Expressing ability and inability in the past.

Sample productions: When I was a child / Two years ago /... I could run very fast; He / she couldn't speak English when he / she went to England for the first time / in 2004 /...; Could you read / ride a bike /... when you were five (years old) / were in preschool /...?; Yes, I could; No, I couldn't (, but I could skate / climb trees /...).

5.2. Expressing past events.

Sample productions: We studied for the Spanish exam / watch TV /... yesterday / last night /...; Did you visit the zoo / enjoy that film /... (when you went to Mexico city)?; Yes, I did; No, I didn't; Was it / the weather /... OK / nice /...?; Yes, it was; No, it wasn't; What did you do last weekend / on Saturday /...?; I played soccer / had lunch with my uncle /...; Where did he / she stay (when he / she went to Acapulco)?; (He / She stayed) With some friends / In a small hotel /...; What was the best thing from Los Cabos / the disco /...?; The people / The music /...

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