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Binational Program.
Strategies to promote the learning of English as a foreign language in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.
Tlaxiaco, Oax. October 2008.

Special thanks to the professors from Brewster School District: Christine Webster and Jacqueline Hentges who shared this workshop with teachers from Oaxaca state. We hope to see you soon.


Cards: It is needed a pack of cards with different pictures such as animals, people, etc. Form a row line. Show a card to a student and ask a simple question. If the student answers correctly, then goes to his seat. If not, he goes to the end of the line again.

Folders: Students write words and definitions on the cover and stick pictures inside of it.

Students elaborate small notebooks by their own and write new words, what they already know or are learning in class. It is a small journal; they can write: "I know colors...", "I know food...", "I know months...", etc.

Parking lot: Post a cardboard paper on the wall of the classroom. Provide students with post sticks. They write doubts, questions, etc. on the post sticks and teacher will review them and clarify them.

Jigsaws: Cut a paragraph into strips. Provide students with the strips and they have to order it in a logical sense.

Scrambled language: Write a sentence and cut it into pieces. Each word on a card. Students stand up and form the sentence.

Word walls: Make many cards with words. Give students the cards, they have to stand up and place themselves in the order of the alphabet. Also it could be done by putting words alphabetically in order on a chart.

Mix and freeze: Teacher says "Mix". Students stand up and walk around the classroom. Suddenly teacher says "Freeze" and they have to stop and share what they have already learned in that class with the partners who are closest to them.

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