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Great Language Teachers

In this section you will know Language Teachers who have influenced enormously the field of Linguistics. They have taught many generations of Language teachers.

Ph.D. Wanda Griffith

Ph.D. Mary Lou Price

M. Roger Brooks

"Teaching for me is a personal, social, political, and deeply psychological interaction between people who have a common goal, learning new languages to express their own ideas and goals in ways which have profound meaning for both sides, teachers and learners."

1. I am originally from the United States. I moved to Oaxaca in 1991 from Seattle, Washington.
2. My BA is in Sociology from Metropolitan State University (a division of the University of Colorado).
I studied a Masters in Sociology at the University of Washington (Seattle, Washington).
I have a COTE (Certification for Overseas Teachers of English) from Cambridge University in
England (1996)
I completed a Masters in Applied Linguistics in the Area of English at UABJO in 2000.
3. I have been a university professor since 1993. Previously, in the US, I was a psychologist/social
worker, and a chef. My experience in both these professions has had great influence on my
4. I've lived in Oaxaca since 1991.
5. I have not published in the teaching field. However, I am contemplating a speculative work in
Discourse Analysis with another researcher here in Oaxaca.
6. My teaching method is very eclectic, but fundamentally is based in the Socratic method. I believe profoundly in collaborative teaching/learning and see my classes as an ongoing dialogue created by both myself and my students. This dialogue evolves and develops based on the needs of learners.
7. I have taught at UABJO, Universidad Autonoma de Hidalgo, and am presently at the URSE. In
addition, I was team leader for the training of examiners for the Cambridge suite of oral examinations in the 5 southern states of Mexico (British Counsel).

Ph.D. María De Los Angeles Clemente

1.- She was born in Mexico city.
2.- She has been an english teacher for 30 years.
3.- BA in Lengua y Literatura Inglesa at the Faculty of Filosofia y Letras of UNAM
Masters in TESOL (Teaching English for Students of Other Languages) in the University of London, England.
Doctor in Apply linguistics in the University of London, England.
4.- She is co-author "Performing Englsih with a Postcolonial Accent:Ethnographic Narratives from Mexico."
5.- Her method is a combination of what she thinks at a particular moment could be useful for her students. She can go from the most traditional exercises to the most provocative ones, having into account the creatitivy and emotivity of students, many call it ecelctic method, she prefers not to label it.
6.- She has written many articles in the magazines: MEXTESOL Journal, TESOL Quarterly, SYSTEM, etc.
7. At UABJO she has been: Professor of Spanish and English at many levels, Director of the language Center, Coordinator of postgrade. At this moment she leads The critical applied linguistics group and she is also assesor of the academic groups at UABJO.

M. Donald Kissinger

1.-He was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in Florida (USA).
2.-Masters in TEFL/TESL San Francisco State University (1980).
3.-34 years as a professor: He started to teach in Cairo, Egypt in 1974.
4.-Years in Oaxaca: 20.
5.-He is a teacher of full time at UABJO since 1993. He was the director of the Faculty of Languages from 2000 to 2002. Nowadays he teaches at IISUABJO and at the faculty.
6.-.-He published a book with Dr. María de los Angeles Clemente: The Self-Access Project in Oaxaca.
7.-Favorite Method or approach: Eclectic.

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