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Homework First Grade

Note: Please turn in each Homework on a format sheet. Use a dictionary.

Unit 2

Actions in progress
Unit Purpose: The purpose of this unit is to enable students to give and obtain information about possessions and to describe actions that are in progress at the moment of speaking

1.-Read the sentences, copy them on a sheet, and paste pictures of clothing and accesories according to each sentence.

a-This is my shirt.

b-Those are my glasses.

c-Those are my pants.

d-That is my sweater.

2.-Paste a picture of a famous woman on a sheet. Describe clothing she is wearing, example: She is wearing a green blouse.

3.-Paste a picture of a famous man on a sheet. Describe clothing he is wearing, example: He is wearing a black shirt.

4.-Read the sentences and copy them a on a sheet. Draw what people are doing according to each sentence.

a-Martha is reading a book.

b-Justin is playing videogames.

c-Ernest and Judith are watching TV

d-Leslie is cooking at home

e-Michael is seeing an action movie

5.-In groups of 4 students, compose a short song or recompose a famous song, including the following words:

a-Listening to music

b-Watching TV





6.-Draw 7 people doing different things in a park. Write a sentence for each person about what he or she is doing, example: Michael is jogging.


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