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Homework First Grade

Note: Please turn in each Homework on a format sheet. Use a dictionary.

Unit 5

Places and Buildings
Unit Purpose: The purpose of this unit is to enable students to describe the place where they or other people live, and to ask the way/ give directions.

1.-In groups of 4 students, take pictures of 10 places of Huatulco. Make a Power Point Presentation. Write sentences below each picture, Example: There is a hospital in Huatulco.

2.-Take a picture of your neighborhood. Make a Power Point Presentation. Write what buildings, houses, places, etc. are next to and across the street from your house, example: There is a grocey store next to my house.

3.- Read the sentences. Draw a city including the places mentioned in the sentences.

a-There is a market in the city.

b-There is a church in the city.

c-There is a park in the city.

d-There are three hotels in the city.

e-There are two shopping centers in the city.

f-There are five houses in the city.

g-There are two gas stations in the city.

4.-Read the sentences about places in the city. Draw a map according to the sentences.

a-There is a park.

b-There is a school across from the park.

c-There is a restaurant next to the school.

d-The pharmacy is next to the restaurant.

e-The pharmacy is between the restaurant and the convinience store.




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