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Teaching Grammar

Activities from the Teachers Training Course at the University of Texas COMEXUS 2009

*Cocktail activity.- Make strips of paper. Write sentences on them, example: "There is a lot of garbage in the classroom". Divide the class into students A's and students B's. Students A's say their sentences to students B's. Students B's listen to them and agree or disagree.
Good things about this activity:
-A lot of listening
-Catches others attention
-It includes movement
-In large classes most students are involved
-It is communicative because students ask real questions.
In my classroom: It could be used to teach places of the city: There are two buildings in front of the school.

-Invent sentences when seeing visuals, try to use funny, weird, interesting visuals, they are attraction getter.

*Category squares
-Students make 5 or 6 lines
-Each line stands up in front of a square on the whiteboard.
-Say an incomplete sentence: The school should be...
-Ask students to write on the whiteboard adjectives that complete the sentence.

*Learning nouns: Competition in teams
-Students form teams.
-They come to the front of the classroom, in a line.
-Each line in front of a space on the blackboard.
-They have to make a list of things needed to organize a party.
-The teams with most items for the party wins.

*Sentences with "I used to"
-Write "When I was ____ I used to _____
-Students can complete the sentence with any verb and age.
-Then tell a partner what they wrote.
-The student who listened to him/her has to tell the class what his/her partner said, "When Adriana was ____ she used to __________.
-Write "Now I ____ " to make a contrast. It could be: "Now he/she _______" or "Now he/she does not _____________.

*Setting up routines
-Ask students to make a list of verbs.
-Write: "I ________" to describe a daily activity.
-Students tell a partner about their routines.
-Then students say what partners told them.
-After they say it some questions can be asked, such as "Do you ever go dancing?" or "Do you ever go swimming?" Email: Design: Francisco Amador Garcia

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